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How To Earn Money From Online Surveys

Posted in internet marketing tips by jaycar on September 21, 2009
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Doing paid surveys online in your spare time is a great way to make some extra money. It is little wonder then that online surveys are in hot demand nowadays.

With the use of Internet, online survey has become an attractive option for companies to get rapid feedback from a large chunk of net-savvy population. The great thing about online surveys is they are perfect for students, stay-at-home moms, and anyone else that needs to make extra money from the comfort of their own home.

Marketing companies are spending significant amounts of money to survey organizations to get feedback on their products directly from customers who are using them, so that they can know about market position and further scope for improvement in their products. Let us discuss some ways to earn money from online surveys.

Filling Questionnaires
Many survey companies conducting market surveys on behalf of their clients are coming out with various incentives and cash payments for people who are ready to invest a little amount of time in filling up the online survey questionnaires. Therefore, if you wish to make some money then you must constantly hunt for companies offering such surveys. You also have the option of subscribing for membership so that you can receive the surveys continuously.

You must try to use a separate email id for this job and utilize it for this purpose only. You can treat it as a part time job as you have to spend a chunk of time in filling these surveys and it will fetch you a regular amount of income. You should plan your schedule and set your priorities accordingly.

Documenting Assignments and Payments Details
While registering details to take up surveys, you must provide proper information and all the details about your hobbies and interest so that related surveys are mailed to you. You must register with a number of companies to receive regular surveys. By keeping a track of companies you are working for, number of surveys you have taken and corresponding payments made to you along with username, password and company details will aid in monitor your earnings relative to the time you’ve invested.

You must update the company about your bank details and request them to make online payments. Incentives and payments vary from company to company so make sure you keep track of various companies and select the best options that suit you monetarily and academically.

Follow through
To make money through online surveys you just need to follow through, once you sign up to participate in online survey programs.

Hence, online surveys are also a good option for people who wish to make some money by utilizing the services of the Internet.


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  1. Online surveys are the new wave of survey taking. It allows the survey taker to make a extra income online and it allows the market research company to get honest accurate surveys from the general population.

    For the survey taker paid surveys can be their first foray into making money online. Some survey companys pay with cash\check or via paypal. Some for points which can be redeem for prizes or electronics.

  2. MP said,

    I joined NPD Research. NPD Research is a great market research company that gives you points instead of dollars. Points are used to enter contests. Winning contests can lead you to a ton of money, a vacation etc. What I really like about NPD Research is the information inputed into the surveys is sold to different companies that can benefit from the data. Your data can effect the whole industry. I think its cool!

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