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The Truth About Domain Name Appraisals

Posted in Uncategorized by jaycar on November 11, 2009

There is basically nothing out there in the real world that is equal. Everything has its own distinctions, thus nothing is equal. This is also true with domain names. Not all domain names are designed equal as it is commonly noted. One of the main reasons that show this fact, is the truth that some of the choices for words in the English language have already been broken up as domains, thus some particular names are worth more to buyers than others.

With such facts about the value of domain names, one of the major processes that exist in the world to tackle this matter is the domain name appraisal. The domain name appraisal industry emerged from the opportunities of buying and selling ‘valuable’ domain names. So what exactly is domain name appraisal?

The domain name appraisal is the manner of weighing up a name and recognizing the worth of a certain domain. This is somewhat like a real estate appraisal and other forms of appraisals. However, unlike the currencies in which a set worth can be recognized; in the domain names worth has no way to be standardized. So with such a fact, it is important to know that the appraisal just remains as an opinion. Many experts have noted that due to such condition of the appraisal, there is no way that the domain names worth can be conclusively proved.

Even though the appraisal remains as a mere opinion, the appraisals can still be very helpful. They not only give the domain owners an opinion but the name appraisal also gives certain signals to the owners of what they should charge when they decide to sell a domain. As such, the appraisal is then believed to add at least a tidbit of justification to the asking price.

In appraisals, a number of factors are mostly considered. These factors include the domain names length, keyword recognition, vividness and range of potential uses. It is also considered that most of the appraisals today charge between 10 to 30 dollars, but with official discounts for bulk appraisals. And to better serve the consumers and domain holders, certain companies that conduct such service provide some software that will greatly help to appraise the domain names for the customers.

But still outside from such functions, the appraisals are only means of determining the worth of a name. And if the domain name is appraised at a high value, it doesnt mean that the domain name will sell quickly, it just holds that you picked a better name.


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