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Paid Search Marketing: Know Your Competitors

Posted in Uncategorized by jaycar on September 9, 2009

In any marketing campaign, knowing what your competitors are up to is extremely valuable. In fact getting to know the competition is something you should apply right from your initial business idea and certainly while developing your business model. Naturally at those early stages probably you would be more concerned with overall market shares and business strategies than the precise details of how they market their products and services, but now you are getting down to the nitty-gritty of your paid search marketing campaign, you need to know a little more about their precise tactics.

One thing that is very useful to know about your competitors is the keywords they are using and the keywords that are most successful in increasing the traffic to their website. This has the potential of giving you a huge competitive advantage. If you can identify the keywords that are actually working for the competition, then you can use them yourself. Thanks to the availability of a number of internet marketing tools, this is much simpler than initially it might seem.

These internet marketing tools will not only reveal the keywords your competitors are using in their paid search marketing campaigns, they will also show the search terms that have been used in organic searches and have resulted in traffic to their sites. Some of these tools, particularly the free ones, can be quite time consuming in terms of both run times and the amount of effort needed to analyse the results, however it is certainly worth persevering if initial difficulties are encountered. Alternatively, there are companies that will undertake this type of analysis on your behalf, and if time is short this is certainly worth considering.

Emulating the keyword strategies used by your competitors will increase your market share at their expense. Naturally, should you become a threat to them, they are equally able to find out what you are up to also, but hopefully by that time you will have found new ways of keeping yourself ahead.


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