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Offline Marketing Pro Launching August 25

Posted in Uncategorized by jaycar on August 25, 2009

August 25th is just around the corner. Have you ordered your copy of  Offline Marketing Pro yet?

If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? It will be the best investment you will make all year.


Here’s what you get:

How to join forces with businesses desperate for your help and land huge up-front cash sums for little effort…

How to amaze your prospects with a stunningly effective follow up strategy (…and no you don’t have to make any phone calls if you don’t want to!)

Offline Marketing Pro will help you deploy a unique marketing strategy to blow clients’ socks off and get them desperate to work with you…

How to follow up and present your plan to prospects without any face-to-face meetings or uncomfortable schmoozing…

Offline Marketing Pro will help you scoop up gigantic up-front payments with little work on your part. (Plus how to use their resources to do most of the work for you).

Right about now you might be thinking… “well sure, this stuff works when the economy isn’t in the toilet. But not now…”

I totally understand why you think that but… you see…

Right now there are hundreds of businesses in your local area.If they’re making money then they need your services to further boost their profits.You’re their knight in shining armor, ready to save their business from bankruptcy.

And what’s more… you’ll have the knowledge and the skills to do just that when you follow my simple plan.The beauty of my online system is that you can run it from home and yet have access to every business in the world.

So what are you waiting for? Order your copy now and start making the money you have always dreamed of but till now, haven’t been able to make.


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