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Advertise Not Using AdWords?

Posted in internet marketing tips by jaycar on August 16, 2009

In the everchanging world of internet marketing Google’s AdSense and AdWords have become iconic. In fact many advertisers do not realize that there are more ways than Google to be successful on the internet. These ways have the added benefit of requiring less capitol investment.

If you are not familiar with this topic, Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising/marketing business; when someone views an ad posted with Adwords the advertiser pays a fee.

Fees for pay-per-click are normally well under one dollar. But these small fees quickly combine to represent a lot of money. This happens more rapidly when the keywords that are used are very popular and general and create higher than average false leads. This method is a gamble and like casino gambling it is very easy to eat up a large advertising budget.

Fortunately, contrary to popular belief AdWords is not the only means of advertising on the internet; as a matter of fact, it is not even the most commonly used technique. There are many ways with which to skin a cat, and the internet marketer intelligent enough to step beyond the boundaries of AdWords will quickly find their profits growing without the continual draining of their budget.

The simplest and least expensive method of advertising without AdWords is to utilize the powers of social networking through blogs and forums. Each of these is a community feature, which allows web surfers to come together to discuss topics that are of great interest to them, and the exposure is unbelievable.

By posting a blog to a topic related to their product and including a link to the website in question an advertiser can exponentially increase the number of viewers their site receives without having to pay a penny.

Advertising on some other businesses website is another great marketing method. The trick comes in choosing the site to advertise on. The most important thing is to analyze with care his desired audience and find the sites they visit the most.

There are three ways you can go about advertising on someone else’s site.

For an advertisement you can create a text or banner ad for the site then pay them to post the ad. Use caution though, this might not be better then the ppc method; except if they will charge a normal fee based on the amount of time your ad is displayed.

Good web content is the basis for the other two methods. In the one way a writer is paid to write articles full of information on a specified topic, that ties in to the advertisers website, to post on the advertisers site to raise his sites credibility with search engines and thereby increase his traffic.

Instead of charging a fee the savvy advertiser will create an article in this manner and approach the creator of said website, offering to allow them to absorb the article into their website in exchange for including their name and site information on the bottom. This is what is known as link building.

Actually, link building works best when the reader in reality finishes the article completely. They also have to enjoy the article enough to want to see if the author has anything else available. But with how limited the attention span of the majority of internet users, the likelihood is low.

Instead, the author can write an article which will have links to key information locations on their own website scattered throughout the article. If the reader comes to a point where they wish to explore an idea more thoroughly or they cannot grasp what is going on they can select the link and it will instantly transport them to the other site.

This is called hosted web content and the majority of sites charge some kind of fee in exchange for displaying your article because a visitor can be taken away from their site.

With strategic use of these ideas you can be profitable and limit your use of the, sometimes dangerous attractions of AdWords. You can walk away with pride and wallet undamaged.


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